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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Squats and Deadlifts, Rehab Mode, Week 4

30 March 2015

Squat 345 lbs. 3s x 5 -felt very heavy

Rack pull 335 lbs. 3s x 5 - this felt OK. I might go back to my singles-only program, except with mid-shin pulls instead of deadlifts from the floor.

Glute-ham raise 3s x 8

Leg press 5 plates 2s x 20, 1s x 10

Leg curl 21s x 2 sets

Leg extensions 3s x 10

15 minutes cycling - all the legs could take

Monday, March 30, 2015

Mixed Weekend Work

28 March 2015

Took a day off on Friday and woke up to everything hurting on Saturday. My hip injury was flaring up big time, but there was also pain in my shoulders, elbows, wrists, etc. So I decided to work everything at the gym and see what happens.

Squat 335 lbs. 3s x 5 - moved stance in closer on last two sets because the hip hurt. Then my knees hurt. Good times.

Bench press 315 lbs. 3x3 - was going to do 3sx5, but the weight felt too heavy.

Rack pull 325 lbs. 3s x 5 - this felt okay.

Standing overhead press 135 lbs. 3s x 5 - also felt heavy.

DB curls 3s x 8

Cable pushdowns 3s x 12

Ab crunch machine 3s x 12

Friday, March 27, 2015

Pressing More

26 March 2015

Close-grip bench press 235x5, 255x5, 275x5, 235x8

Pulldowns 2 sets warmup, 3 sets heavy

Standing front press 135x2, 165x1, 185x1, 205x1, 210 x 4 singles

Bent-over rows 4s x 10

Seated DB curls 4s x 15

Tricep pushdowns 3s x 15

Thursday, March 26, 2015

More Rehab - Week 3, Day 2

25 March 2015

Did a bunch of stretches and activation exercises for the hips and glutes.

Back squat 335 lbs. 3s x 5

Rack pull 325 lbs. 3s x 5

Glute-ham raise 3s x 6

Leg curl 21s 1 set

15 minutes cycling.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bench Press - Heavy Single

24 March 2015

Bench press 135x8, 185x3, 225x3, 275x2, 325x1, 345x1, 365x1, 390x1

The rep with 365 felt slow, so I kept that last attempt pretty conservative. 390 still felt heavy. I was thinking about trying 405 with the Reactive SlingShot and 420 with the Original, but decided not to push it, so didn't do any SS work.

Back-off sets 315 x 2s x 5

Seated cable rows 3s x 6 heavy

Seated DB press 3s x 6 (60s)

Machine preacher curl, one armed, 5s x 8-10

Dips 3s x 10

25 minutes cycling

Just did a bunch of random stuff.

Bodyweight today - 209.4 lbs.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Lower Back Rehab Week 3 Day 1

23 March 2015

Stupid post title, stupid post content.

Back squat 335x5, 345x5, 335x5, 235x10 close stance

Was okay, but left leg felt a bit dead after the set with 345, which wasn't so okay.

Rack pull 325 lbs. 3s x 5

Lower back was super pumped after this, I wasn't even able to do glute-ham raises. Not sure what happened.

Glute-ham raise x 6

Machine split squat 2s x 16-20 (8-10 per leg)

Tried cycling, but back hurt after 10 minutes.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mixed Day

22 March 2015

Close-grip bench press 135x8, 185x5, 235x6, 255 x 2s x 6

Bent-over row 4s x 10

Standing front press 135x5, 155 2s x 5

Pullups 5x5

Incline bench DB curls 3s x 12

DB tricep extensions 3s x 12

Cable curl 3s x AMAP

Tricep pushdown (rope) 3s x 12

Plan is to max out the bench press on Tuesday or Wednesday, do some medium-heavy work the rest of the week and then reset the weights for the 6-week program. For the max-out, anything between 375 and 395 would be great due to lower bodyweight and caloric deficit.