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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Burning Out - Time to Refocus

Went running yesterday and as a result was horribly sore in the legs and calves today.

In retrospect, the reduced calories thing has been a bad idea. I have been at under 2,000pretty consistently over the past two weeks (on some days not more than 1,500) and it is really destroying my lifts. My BW is now below the 205 mark for the first time in a long while; while I want to get below 200 - it will only take me a few more pounds - I do not want to lose all my strength, and it seems to be fading fast.

I have made the mistake of training too hard, too many exercises for too many total repetitions, for this caloric intake. I will need to turn to a more abbreviated routine for the time being, and the old Anthony Ditillo program seems like a good place to start.

I have also torn two callouses on my right hand which is making pullups a very painful experience. Overall it can be said that I feel like crap.

Today's training:

Clean & Press:

Warmup 1 set
160 lbs x 3 (this already felt too heavy)
170 lbs x 3 (worse)
180 lbs x 8 (sheer murder, had to cheat to get the last couple of reps in which I normally don't do at this weight)

Partial press rack to eye level 155 lbs x 5, 185 lbs x 5

Pullups 5x5

Incline board situps 1 set

PM workout:

Press to eye level 135 lbs x 5, 155 lbs x 5, 185 lbs x 4, 205 lbs x 3, 225 lbs x 1

Close-grip paused bench press 185 lbs x 2, 225 lbs x 2, 245 lbs x 2, 275 lbs x 1, 295 lbs x 1 (last time I hit the CGBPs heavy my regular BP soared, hoping for a repeat)

Bicep and tricep work 4 sets each

These two-a-days seem to be doing the trick when energy is low.

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