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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Something Different

A fellow poster on mentioned this challenge, maximum full-range pushups in one minute, so I gave it a go today after my squat workout. Kept a good pace up until 40 seconds into it, then just gave out after a few shitty reps. Overall I counted 41 decent ones.

Pretty happy with that, I have been neglecting my pushup training and using half-reps. Going from the bottom to full lockout makes it a lot tougher.


Dread said...

Good for you man, I might give this a try tomorrow, doubt I'll have video though. Going to shoot for 40 pushups, but I'm honestly not sure how many I can do, out of shape with a gut but I can lift. Conditioning is out the door atm.

Fatman said...

Yeah, I haven't done high rep pushups for around two months now. Lifting is a priority, and I'm not one of those guys who can improve both at the same time.