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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back To Cable Training!

10 August 2011

Did a quick cable session today just to blow the cobwebs off the cable set:

Front chest pull x 12 (8 reps RYR + 4 reps RRR as a drop-set)

Overhead downward pull x 12 (8 reps YRY + 4 YOY as above)

Back press x 12 (7 reps GRG + 5 reps double green cables)

Archer pull x 12, double reds

Bicep curl x 12, double reds

Front lateral raise x 12, 7 reps double oranges + 5 reps single yellow cable

Forearm curl x 12, double oranges

Lost quite a bit of pulling strength from the layoff, but am still doing okay. I will slowly reintroduce cable pulls into my weekly routine. Surprisingly weak in the tricep-dominant movements, especially archer pull in which I have lost a lot of strength.

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