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Monday, September 26, 2011

Bench Press - Partials Training

26 September 2011

Decided to incorporate some partial bench presses in my training program after reading several articles on on this type of training. I will do partials on one press day and full bench presses (mostly singles) on another. The two dead-stop positions worked in the partial BP will be:

2-3 inches off the chest (upper arms parallel to the floor), flat back and as little leg drive as possible: this will work that toughest of areas, the position in which the bar has left the chest but cannot rely on the thrust provided by the pectorals and upper back. It is a tremendously difficult position to press from and poundages are considerably reduced. I have discovered that I rely too much on momentum off the chest to blast through this sticking point - time to build some actual strength.

6-7 inches off the chest - this is where the triceps take over. Again, flat back and minimal leg drive. This position is slightly easier but forces one to work the transition from the blast off the chest to the successful lockout by the arms.

So today I did:

Position 1:

135 lbs. x 10
175 lbs. x 10
250 lbs. x 3
265 lbs. x 3 x 3 sets

Position 2:

275 lbs. x 1
285 lbs. x 1
300 lbs. x 1
315 lbs. x 1
320 lbs. x 1 x 4 sets

Close-grip 225 lbs. x 10, Pos. 2.

Each rep was done from full stop and full relaxation of the muscles.

This was tough and considerably less than I can press full-range. The thing I love about dead-stop bench presses is that there is no way to cheat - you either press the weight or you don't. Upper body was pumped much more thoroughly than ever before from bench pressing.

Tried to follow up with some incline bench rack presses from chin level, hit 205x3 and 225x1 and called it a day.

Pullups 3 sets x 8

HammerStrength machine rows 2 sets

Two-DB bicep curls 3 sets

Tricep pushdowns 2 sets

Incline ab board situps 1 set x 12

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