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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Overhead Press Training September 13th

13 September 2011

Overhead press from rack:

Warmup - triples/doubles/singles
185 lbs. x 2
205 lbs. x 2
215 lbs. x 1
225 lbs. x 1
240 lbs. x fail

This went better than expected, my upper body still feeling the heavy benching session from Saturday. 240 lbs. is within reach, right now I feel like it's my upper back that's the weak link. I felt my lats flare and fail as the bar reached eye level. More direct work is in order.

Not this week though. I'll be away Friday through Sunday, and have decided to take the rest of the week off. Back to the grind on Monday: heavy overheads and heavy squats, moderate bench press and moderate deadlifts after that. I'll do some heavy cable training before I leave. Good for the upper back - in fact, the best upper back exercises ever.

I am toying with the idea of running another Ed Coan bench press cycle, aiming to hit a new max some time before my Christmas travels. To do that I'd have to start the cycle sometime at the end of September. It's probably too much to ask for, but I've already done two cycles back-to-back which I didn't expect to work, and am very pleased with the results. At the end of the second one I hit 360 instead of 375 (which seems light years away right now), but it's still a good improvement.

Anyway, yesterday I also did:

Pullups/chinups 5x5

Behind-the-neck press, standing 145lbs.x2x2, 165lbs.x2

Bench press 225 lbs. x 8, 245 lbs. x 5 (these felt awful heavy for some reason)

Seated HammerStrength row 2 sets

Standing two-DB curls 3 sets

Tricep pushdowns 1 set

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