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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Squat Training - Week 3, Day 1 of 4-Week Program

20 September 2011

Back squat:

bar x 5
115 lbs. x 10
225 lbs. x 6
275 lbs. x 4
340 lbs. x 1
385 lbs. x 1
410 lbs. x 1
360 lbs. x 5 (hard as hell, cut depth on two last reps as I was tired - something I don't like to do)
370 lbs. x 4 (same as above)
380 lbs. x 3 (this was doable - no cutting depth)
390 lbs. x 2 (good)
400 lbs. x 1 (tough, but good)

Paused squats 310 lbs. x 5 - was tired by now, so the pause did not amount to much.

This program is murderously hard; hitting a heavy single, backing off a bit and doing multiple reps, then working up to another heavy-ish single really takes it out of you. It was designed for a geared squatter. I'm still making it work, and in a couple of weeks I'll transition to the 3-week cycle, which is more about heavy singles and more merciful on the legs and back.

Hack squat 2 plates (total, not per side) x 3 sets x 10

Calf raise, standing, x 20, x 15

Leg curl 3 sets x 10

Incline ab board situp 3 sets x 12

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