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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Overhead Press Day

27 October 2011

Overhead press from rack:

Warmup - triples, doubles, singles
185 lbs. x 2
205 lbs. x 2
215 lbs. x 1
225 lbs. x 1
235 lbs. x fail x 2

Two-DB press 65 lbs. x 5, 70 lbs. x 5

Overhead press is not progressing, still can't match or beat my PR of 235 lbs. I've been focusing on the bench for a while now and was not expecting it to progress much. I just do a bunch of random singles whenever I think/feel about it. The good news is that 225 lbs. is easy now, I can get it any time. I just need to move that "light weight" threshold to 230, then onward and upward.

Pullups/chinups 8 sets x 5 - very weird scapular pain (right side) when doing pullups

Double KB clean and bottoms-up press 4-5 sets, light to heavy weight ('heavy' being 35 lbs.)

One-arm KB dead stop snatches (from floor to overhead) 4 sets, up to 53 lbs. for triples

Incline ab board situps, weighted, heavy, 3 sets

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