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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Squat Training - Improv Day

23 October 2011

Did some back squats to make sure my back was okay. There was a bit of pain when I unracked the bar, but otherwise it went well. I was tempted to do some deadlifting and tried some light pulls, but didn't want to test my luck.

Warmup - bunch of sets with the bar, weights up to 225 lbs.
300 lbs. x 3
335 lbs. x 2
370 lbs. x 2
425 lbs. x 1
450 lbs. x 1

Leg press - worked in 5-rep sets up to 7 plates per side x 5

Some misc pullups, and that was it. Foam rolled the back, found a few really painful spots.

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