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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bench Press and Pull Day

12 November 2011

Shoulder (rotator cuff) was giving me trouble, so I decided to do some light high-rep benching. This made me remember how much I suck at high-rep benching.

Bench press:

Warmup x a few sets
235 lbs. x 10 (this felt incredibly light, could have gotten 15)
255 lbs. x 5 (this, on the other hand, felt like 300 on the bar... and the 5th rep was almost failure)
275 lbs. x 2 (no comment...)
235 lbs. x 5


Warmup x a bunch of sets
355 lbs. x 1 sumo, 1 conventional
375 lbs. x 1 sumo
400 lbs. x 1 sumo - nice and easy pull, no back pain

Bent-over barbell row: 205 lbs. x 3 sets x 5, under 30s rest in between

Seated HammerStrength row 3 sets x 8 reps plus some scapular shrugs at end of each set

Pullups 5x5

Arm supersets:

Two DB hammer curl + tricep pushdown 3 sets
EZ bar preacher curl + bench dips 3 sets
Oly bar curl + Oly bar skullcrusher 3 sets

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