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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Day Back - Squats and Light(ish) Bench Press

4 January 2012

First day back from holiday trip, which was productive (bodyweight at 204 lbs., had a ton of fun). I did some random lifting to prepare for next week, when I'll start running a Juggernaut Method cycle.


Warmup x multiple sets, 5-3 reps
315 lbs. x 2
335 lbs. x 2
365 lbs. x 2
405 lbs. x 2
440 lbs. x 2 x 3 sets (not bad)

Bench press:

Warmup x a few sets
255 lbs. x 3
275 lbs. x 5
280 lbs. x 3

Then did a few sets of weighted hip thrusts (which are fun and will hopefully improve my leg drive if I remember to do them regularly) and cable pushdowns and called it a day.

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