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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Deadlifts and Day 2 of Squats

23 February 2012

Lousy day today, the lower body hasn't recovered from the squatting on Monday yet. Fortunately this is the last week of high-rep squats (multiple sets of five after working up to a max for the week). It's been an excruciating experience - first the two weeks of sets of 8, then the five weeks of sets of five - but this phase is supposed to build the body up for the heavier triples, doubles and singles to come in the next 7 weeks. Seems to have worked well; my bodyweight is sitting at around 205 lbs. now with no noticeable gains in fat.

Once the deadlifts start getting heavy I'll have to rethink the whole squat-twice-a-week strategy. Or at least do one heavy day and some light squats on deadlift day, maybe with a safety bar.


135 lbs. x 10, 225 lbs. x 5
300 lbs. x 1 (double OH)
345 lbs. x 1 (had to use mixed grip - too many shrugs on Tuesday!)
370 lbs. x 1 (mixed grip)

Sumo deadlift 275 lbs. x 5

Deficit deadlift 275 lbs. x 5

Squat: a few reps to warm up, then:

370 lbs. x 1 (B+W)
415 lbs. x 1 (B+W)
440 lbs. x 1 (B+W)

Paused squat 320 lbs. x 3 (even this felt more like 420)

Tried some leg presses, but legs were too sore and cramped at this point. Hit one 20-rep set each on the adductor and the abductor machine and left.

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