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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Second Squat Day and Some Assistance Work

9 February 2012
Back squat:
Warmup x a bunch of sets
315 lbs. x 1
350 lbs. x 1 (belt + wraps)
395 lbs. x 1 (B+W)
420 lbs. x 1 (B+W)
340 lbs. x 5 x 4 sets
Paused squat 320 lbs. x 3
Got a weird pain in my left adductor (or abductor? inside left thigh). Combined with the painful lat it definitely seems like I'm falling apart right now.
Ab work x a shit-ton of sets and reps
Glute-ham raise x 1 set

Abductor/adductor machines x 3 sets

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