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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Training - Squat, One Week Before Max Attempt

17 April 2012

Today I just worked up to the daily max and did a bunch of single-leg exercises, medium reps with moderate resistance plus heavy negatives (lift with both legs, lower with one).

Back squat:

Warmup x a bunch of triples and doubles
365 lbs. x 2
405 lbs. x 2 (belt + wraps from here onwards)
420 lbs. x 1
465 lbs. x 1
490 lbs. x 1 - this is a personal best, went up easily enough. Onward to 500 next week.

Single-leg leg press 3 sets

Glute-ham raises 2 sets

Single-leg extensions 3 sets

Single-leg curls 2 sets

Adductor machine 1 set

Abductor machine 1 set

Ab work x a bunch

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