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Monday, June 11, 2012

Deadlift Training With a Twist

11 June 2012

Tried deadlifts from mid-shin today for the first time and will definitely use this as my main deadlift movement going forward.

Deadlift from mid-shin:

135 lbs. x 10, 225 lbs. x 5, 315 lbs. x 2
365 lbs. x 1
405 lbs. x 1 (easy - felt almost like a pull above the knee)
435 lbs. x fail. The bar was stapled to the pins, no matter how I tried. Seeing as I can lift this weight anytime, this tells me I've found a weak point.

Wanted to do some more but I let some tools work in and they just wouldn't leave for about an hour.

Smith machine shrugs 3 sets x 10 reps warmup, then 4 plates + 10 lbs. x 8, 4 plates + 25 lbs. x 7

Glute-ham raise 1 set x 8

Short workout, will try to hit more below-the-knee pulls next time.

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