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Monday, July 16, 2012

Leg Training

8 July 2012

Weak effort today, going back to low-rep training next week. Also my legs felt tired and lower back got uncomfortably pumped (to the point it felt like it was going to burst), no idea why.
Safety bar box squats:
175x12 – 200 x 12 – 225 x 12 – 245 x 10 – 265 x 8 – 285 x 6

Leg press: 3 plates x 20, 4 plates x 20, 5 plates x 10
Single-leg extensions 1 set AMAP
Single-leg curls 1 set x AMAP
Weighted abs x 2 sets, unweighted x 1 set

Then did some hanging off a bar to stretch my back and some Bulgarian split squats with no weight. I’m surprisingly weak at this movement and need to do it more. I also need to stretch and rest my lower back this week: I did some foam rolling over the weekend and found all sorts of horrible knots in it.

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