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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Training - Deadlift

5 July 2012

I'm starting a new deadlift program, a bastardization of Brad Gillingham's pull template that I got from the lift-run-bang. com website. It alternates pulling from different heights in the power rack for max singles with 5-rep sets of stiff-leg deadlifts, then back to the floor building up to a max single. The entire program takes 24 weeks and I'm hoping it'll finally put me over the 500 lbs. mark. My deadlift has sucked long enough - I'm determined to make it at least mediocre this year.

First day - pull from below knee

I thought this would be easier than pulling from mid-shin. Turns out I'm even weaker at this point than from the middle. I've hit 600 from less than two inches higher (above knee), but I can't even pull my full-ROM max from just below the knee. Lots of work ahead...

135x10 - 225x5 - 310x2 - 385x1 - 415x1 - 435x1 - 455 x fail

Shrugs 405x8 - 415x8 - 425x8

Hanging leg raises 3 sets

Single-leg curl 1 set

T-bar rows 3 sets x 10 (2 plates x 1 set, 3 plates x 2 sets)

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