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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Training - Bench Press

29 September 2012

Bench press 290 lbs. x 3 sets x 6, 1 set x 7

T-bar rows 2 plates x 20, 3 plates x 15, 3 plates + 25 x 10

DB flyes 2 sets AMAP, very light

Barbell clean and press 135x5, 155x3, 175x3, 185x2

V-bar pulldowns 3 progressively heavier sets, 8-12 reps

DB skullcrushers (70s) 3 sets x 8

Super 100s: barbell curls (bar)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I dont wanna make you lose time so I will go directly to the point.
I am 20 years old, I have been lifting for 2 years with no real good gains cause I always wanted to master the techniques of Squat,Deadlift,Bench Press. I did this because I wanted to lift heavy, but due to the time I spent and always afraid of an injury I quit and started bodyweight training since 2 weeks.
But I have been reading your training log and you go to the gym and do compund movements.
So, what I want from you?. I just want to go to the gym again but without losing the control of my body, gain strenght and mass but without sacrifice of my abilities. What type of training or schedule do you recommend me? How you learn the technique of deadlifts , squats and so on?. Right now I am doing Time/Volume training, but I miss the irons.
I am not newb I have been reading quite a lot of nutrition and training, I understand how muscle grow and such things so you dont have to explain those things. I am not a skinny fat, noe a skinny but not as muscle as I wanted.
Well thats all, I hope you can help.
Sorry for my english I am from Argentina .

Fatman said...

You can combine lifting with bodyweight movements. I used to do a lot more BW and exercises with chest expanders and made good progress on all exercises.

One good way of combining BW and weights would be to do the powerlifts as your main exercise of the day, then bodyweight movements as assistance.

E.g. day 1 - squat, pistol squats (BW), lunges; day 2 - bench press, dips, pushups; day 3 - deadlift, some sort of pullup, wrestler's bridges; day 4 - overhead press, pike or handstand pushups. To get good at the powerlifts, all you really need to do is train the powerlifts, and the BW exercise will provide good assistance work for the muscle groups involved in those lifts.

Technique for the powerlifts can easily be learned from the internet. I learned how to do them without any direct instruction and so have thousands of others. There are also great instructional videos on YouTube (Dave Tate, Jim Wendler), so that's already more than I had when I was starting out.

Good luck, keep lifting and doing BW exercises!