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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Training - Bench Press

26 February 2013

Bench press 285 lbs. x 3 sets x 6, 1 set x 8 - time to bump up the weight a bit. Maybe 5, maybe 10 lbs.

Seated pulley rows with scap shrug 1 set x 8, 4 sets x 6

OH press 185x4, 155x5, 135x6

Pullups 3 sets x 5

Rope pushdowns 3 x 12

Concentration curls 4 x 6

Seated partial barbell curls / reverse curls (from thighs to under chin) 4 x 10

I have also decided to drop the weight waaaaaaaaay down on back squats and address some issues I seem to be having, principally with the left side piriformis. So it looks like paused squats with weights between 50-60% of 1RM for the time being, maybe a high-rep set of regular squats at the end.

I've noticed I have very  little power out of the hole when doing paused squats (a hard set of 5 with 265, which is around half my 1RM for non-paused squats) and think this is due to my hips being somewhat weak, which could in turn be causing a series of other issues. I've also started foam rolling the legs regularly and the pain makes my eyes water, so there's probably something going on there.

So... no heavy squats for a while :( I made some great progress over the past couple of years, it's kind of hard to back off now.


Dave.cyco said...

Well it looks like bridges are going to be the subject of the March challenge at the forum, so why not join us and beef up those glutes? ;)

Fatman said...

Ahahahaha... man, I don't need to 'beef' them up any further (they already account for about 30% of my BW), but making them a bit stronger might help.