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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Training - Legs

5 March 2013

Still doing rehab squats. Focused on quads today, as I'll be deadlifting tomorrow and wanted to spare the posterior chain somewhat.

Pause squats 135x5 - 185x3 - 225x3 - 245x3 - 275x3 - 295x3 (added belt on last set)

The first three sets were done with small plates under my heels, keeping the upper body completely vertical. Something like the incline squat mentioned here. Definitely something to keep doing, but I won't be going over 135 lbs. on this exercise in the future, as it does strain the knees quite a bit.

Leg extension 3 x 12, heavy

Hack squat (1 plate each side) 3 sets. I don't get how some people can use significant weight on this exercise, one plate per side kicks my ass worse than 400-lb. close-stance squats. Whatever.

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