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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Upper Body Intensity Day

30 March 2013

Doing the two intensity days in a row is a bad idea. I felt slow and tired this morning, despite getting some 9 hours of sleep as opposed to the 6-7 I normally get.

Bench press 275x3 (2-sec pause), 295x3, 325x3 - the weight went up, but it wasn't easy. Definitely too heavy for a triple with 325.

For the bench press (both days), my warmup generally goes:

bar x a bunch - 135x8 - 185x5 - 225x3 - 275x3 (all paused for 2-3 seconds except the bar-only reps)

Seated low cable row 2 sets x 8 (moderate weight), 1 set x 8, 2 sets x 6 (heavy)

Push press 205 lbs. x 4 sets x 2 (also very easy)

Pullups / chinups 5x5

Light DB flyes x 1 set x as many as possible

Seated DB curls supersetted with DB skullcrushers 3 sets x 8 / 12 on the skullcrushers

Reverse curl 3 x 10

EZ bar curls, right 3 x 10-12

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