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Monday, April 29, 2013

Volume Day - Legs

29 April 2013

Total 50% session today, stabbing pain in left hip has returned and I was barely able to squat to parallel. Several of the reps were a good two inches above parallel. My hip hurt even with 135 pounds on my back and I ended up doing "squatmornings" to avoid the pain.

Warmup leg extensions 2 x 10, adductors and abductors 1 x 20 each

Paused squat 295 lbs. x 5 x 5

Regular squat 345 x 5 reps, decided not to try 405x5 today

Romanian deadlifts 205x5, 215 x 2 sets x 5

Leg extensions, heavy 3 sets x 10

Weighted situps on incline board 3 x 10

No leg presses, didn't want to risk hurting the hip even more.

Did some foam rolling after lifting and I think I have isolated the source of pain - it's in the left IT band, not the hip. Which I guess is better than a messed up hip, but hurts like a hot knife in the muscle. Will be rolling IT bands and quads (both hurt like hell when rolled) every day for a week, see what happens.

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