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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Squatting and Pulling

13 March 2014

Back to low bar squats: 135x5, 225x3, 275x3, 315x3, 345x3, 365x3, 405x3, 425 (belt) x 3

These felt pretty good. I haven't done low bar squats in a while, except for a random set here and there. The lighter weights felt super light, but the last set was unexpectedly hard. Maybe it'll take some time for me to adapt to low bar again, or maybe I'm just weaker.

Sumo deadlifts 315x4, 365x2, 405x2, 425x2, 435x1, 445x1

Was going to only do some light speed squats, but then decided to experiment with foot placing, grip and cues (shoulders over bar before pulling). 445 is some sort of PR (I don't think I ever deadlifted more than 405 sumo), could have done more but was pretty tired at this point. A pleasant surprise, and my back doesn't feel totally beat up like it does after real deadlifts.

Leg extensions 2s x 10

Leg curl 1s x 10, then someone was hogging the machine

Weighted Roman chair situps 3s x 8

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