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Friday, October 31, 2014

Wrist Pain

30 October 2014

Bench press 325 lbs. 2sx3, 1sx4, w/ SlingShot 365x3

The wrist pain from last week was suddenly back, and with a vengeance. I struggled with the first triple and almost failed the last rep. Second set was a bit better, and by the third one I figured how to position my wrists so they didn't hurt at the bottom of the press. But it's pretty intense, I can't even get into pushup position and put all my weight on my hands without pain radiating up my forearms. Wrist pain is usually due to tight muscles / trigger points in the forearms, so I've been doing some stretching and massaging, will see if it works.

BTN standing press 135x8, 155x2sx6 - did these instead of push presses due to wrist pain.

Chest-supported row machine 4s x 8 - did these instead of DBs for a change.

Lateral raise pyramid sets x 1.5

One pyramid set is as follows:

10 lbs. x 10
15 lbs. x 6
20 lbs. x 6
25 lbs. x 6
30 lbs. x 3
25 lbs. x 5
20 lbs. x 5
15 lbs. x 5
10 lbs. x 5

And on the second go I did 30x3, then 25x3 and quit, so only half set done.

Smith machine incline bench tricep press 3s x 8

Bicep tri-sets (reverse curl + preacher curl + DB curl) 3 sets


huikat said...

Oh is your wrist pain a recurring pain from the past? Do you know the cause or is tight forearms your main suspect?

Fatman said...

I get wrist pain once or twice a year, but it usually goes away pretty quickly. 95% of the time I can get rid of it by digging for trigger points in my forearms, the other 5% it goes away on its own. Either way it lingers for maybe a week or two at a time, so it's not like a chronic injury or anything.