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Monday, March 9, 2015

Lower Body Rehab Week 2 Day 1

9 March 2015

Weighted back raise 3s x 12-15 (45 lbs.)

Seated leg curl 3s x 10 - pre-exhaust for squats

Squats 135x5, 225x3, 275x3, 300 lbs. 3s x 5 - felt very easy today

Rack pull 295 lbs. 3s x 5

Leg press 2 sets warmup, then 5 plates x 25 reps

The leg press is the only exercise that bothers my injury now, even with very light weights. I've also figured out that the injury is not in my lower back and glute but in my left hip, so from now on I'll be attacking the pain site through stretches and foam rolling.

Abduction machine 3s x 10-15

Lever squat machine split squats 2s x 10 per leg

This is a fantastic leg exercise, can't believe I never tried it before. I was pretty tired at this point so I didn't do more sets, but will try to remember to do it later in the week.

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