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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Weak Heavy Day

28 April 2015

Bench press 330 lbs. x 4 singles, SlingShot (O) 350 lbs. x 3

Failed the fourth single with 330, the bar drifted back and almost fell on my face. The guy who was spotting me had spotted me several times before, and looked disappointed. I thought about making up some excuse, then didn't. Nailed the fifth attempt but it was a grinder. Pretty sad, as this isn't even 85% of 1RM. Oh well.

Used the Original SlingShot after a long period of bench pressing with the Reactive. It felt good, but I'm not as strong with it as I used to be. So for the next training cycle I'll be pressing with the Original on my heavy day and using the Reactive on my medium day.

Seated cable row 30 total reps, heavy

Seated DB press 4s x 6 (65s)

Dips x12, x12, x10

Hammer curl 50 total reps (about 25 with FatGripz)

Tricep pushdown (rope) 50 total reps

Bodyweight is back down to under 210.


Unknown said...

You bench my squat max. Yikes!

Fatman said...

Right now, I'm pretty sure I bench my squat max too.