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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Everything Day

29 June 2015

Skipping the gym tonight due to evening with the wife, so I had to combine two workouts into one. Which really means I tacked some OH presses onto my leg day.

Mid-shin pull 480 lbs. x 3 singles

Program called for only 2, but I felt good and decided to go for a third. Which was maybe not a great idea, because I felt like I strained my lower back a little on that third single. Maxing out next week.

High-bar close-stance squat 205x3, 245x5, 275x3, 300 (1+) x 7 reps

All squat sets felt terribly hard, even the warmup with 205. Also my knees hurt. I think it's because I pull first and my lower back / glutes are too tired to distribute the strain properly.

Fortunately I only have to do this pull-before-squat nonsense for one more week.

Standing front press 135x3, 175x2, 205x1, 215x1, 220x1, 225xfail, 205 x 3 singles

Didn't expect much from overhead pressing today, as I was spent at this point.

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