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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Stalled Press

23 June 2015

Standing front press 135x4, 165x2, 185x2, 205x1, 215x1, 225x1, 230xf, 210 x 3 singles

I've decided to follow the Prilepin chart for my "heavy" press day. I.e. work up to a heavy single, then shoot for 5-8 total singles with 90% or more of the heavy single weight. So today's workout was 6 good singles (all lifts at 205 or more pounds).

On my second press day (after SS bench press) I'll do 8-10 total reps with 85% of the top weight I hit on the "heavy" day. So this week I'll aim for 195 for four doubles or 3x3.

Also I'm scaling back my press goals - I'll just go in and lift to a "daily max" and try to get the single reps in. The daily max will move when it moves.

Pulldowns 30 total reps, heavy

Shoulder complex x 2 sets

Cycled this morning for 30 minutes.

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