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Friday, April 8, 2016


7 April 2016

Weighed in at slightly over 211 lbs. today. This is surprising, as I've been feeling pretty skinny lately and wondering if I should increase my daily food intake. I guess not.

SlingShot bench press 335 lbs. x 5, 315 lbs. x 6, 300 lbs. 2s x 6

Still couldn't hit 335x6 as planned. I don't know how many times I've written those same words. Not terribly concerned about it because my lower-rep weights have been moving upward, but 335x6 seems to be some sort of mental barrier I just can't get over.

Pullups x 5 or 6 sets - in between presses, focused on "spreading the bar" with my lats

Seated cable rows 4s x 8

Incline bench press 4s x 8

Dips 3s x 8

Various cable curls x a bunch of sets


Anonymous said...

5x 335lbs is still great stuff. funny how the mind plays tricks on you, such as the mental barrier you mentioned.

Fatman said...

It's pretty weird, I think I hit 345x5 in the last cycle, but 335x6 is just not possible.