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Monday, April 3, 2017

The Night Ocean

Recommended reading for Lovecraft fans - "The Night Ocean" by Paul La Farge. Coach and maybe Sunny D would really enjoy it IMO. I read the Goodreads blurb and it didn't seem particularly compelling, the story itself turned out to be quite different from what I expected, but in spite of all this it was a tremendously enjoyable read.

26 March 2017

Bench press 300x5, 310x4, 315x3, 325x2, 335x1, 350x1, 370x1

Pulldowns 10-8-6-5

Standing BTN press 115x8, 135x5, 145x4, 155x3, 165x2

Barbell curl 5x5

Barbell extensions 4s x 5 - not sure these were a good idea

Seated DB curl 4s x 6

Band pushdowns 3 sets x AMAP

27 March 2017

Pull 395x5, 415x4, 425x3, 445x2, 465x1, 485x1, 495x1

Belt from 465 lbs. and up.

Stiff-legged pull 2s x 5

Bent-over row 3s x 5

Wide stance leg press 3s x 8

Smith machine front squat 3s x 5

29 March 2017

SlingShot bench press 345x5, 355x4, 365x3, 375x2, 385x1, 395x1

Barbell tricep extensions 4s x 5-8

Smith machine bent-over row 10-8-6-5

Preacher curl DB + barbell superset x 4 sets

Overhead cable extensions 4s x 10-12

31 March 2017

Squat 405x5, 415x5, 425x4, 435x2, 405x2

I tweaked my right knee doing wide-stance leg presses on Monday, and it started to hurt a bit on the heavier sets, so I stopped squatting. The lack of volume is hurting my squat gainz (from previous experience, I know I need to squat twice a week to make progress, and I'm not interested in that right now), so, I'll probably switch to something more generic like 5x5 for squats going forward.

Front squat 3s x 5

Leg extension 2s x 12

2 April 2017

Bench press 300x5, 310x4, 315x4, 330x2, 340x1, 355x1, 375x1

Nice and smooth.

Pulldowns 10-8-6-5-5

Barbell curl 4s x 5

Barbell tricep extensions 4s x 6-8

Seated BTN press 135x5, 155x5, 165x5, 175x4, 185x2

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