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Monday, July 10, 2017

Some Improvement

5 July 2017

Overdid it slightly over the holiday, so results were disappointing.

SlingShot bench press 330x6, 345x4, 330x4, 315x5 - all these were supposed to be sets of six.

T-bar row 1s x 10, 4s x 8-10

Barbell extensions 2s x 6-8

Smith machine incline bench press 4s x 5

Everyone always says pressing and squatting in the Smith machine is "easier". This has not been my experience, especially with squats and incline presses. Every time I press it feels like my shoulders are going to explode.

Preacher curl machine drop sets x 3

Overhead cable extensions 3s x 8-10

7 July 2017

Squat 385x3, 405x2, 410x4, 430x4, 450x4, 460x3, 430x4

Used knee wraps with 460 to get four reps. Didn't get four reps. But I didn't die crushed under the bar either, so I guess it's a draw.

Stiff-legged deadlift 3s x 5

Getting better at these. I use a light weight and try to get a good hamstring contraction. Worked this time as my hamstrings were cramping up toward the end.

Leg press x 20, x 15, x 10

Leg extensions 2s x 12-15

9 July 2017

Bench press 350x2, 330 2x2, 320 2x2

Paused bench press 295x3

Pretty happy with these.

Pulldowns 10-8-6-5

Barbell extensions 1s x 8, 2s x 5

Seated BTN press 135x5, 155x5, 175x5, 185x3

DB curl 1s x 8, 4s x 5-6

Preacher DB curl 3s x 5-6

Pushdowns 3s x 15

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