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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Holiday Heaves

Deadlift 440x4 and 450x4

Bench press 340x4, SlingShot 335x8

Squat 465x3, paused 370x3

Back was hurting pretty badly after the most recent deadlift workout, and my left foot was going numb too. Thankfully my back is fine, but I did find massive trigger points in my piriformis and IT band. I've been using a foam roller and everything feels much better now. Added some stretching/yoga poses into my morning warmup routine too.

Other than that I think I could have pulled about 5 pounds more and should have gone with 345 on the bench press, but I was trying to hit more back-off sets (which I did, 2x4 with 320).

I'm currently reading Now and On Earth by Jim Thompson, which Coach sort of reviewed a while ago. It's okay, but nothing like the other books I've read by the same author. Thompson was infinitely better at noir-type stuff and I don't quite know what to call this book. I guess in the 1940s this sort of writing passed for "edgy", from a modern perspective it just seems unnecessarily disjointed.

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