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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Extra Leg Day

3 November 2011

Still tired and a bit sore from the squatting on Tuesday. Wanted to press, but my right shoulder / scapular muscles are in a world of pain. I blame the combo of low-bar squatting and bottom-position bench presses. Looks like I'll have to give one up - bottom-position benches will be the ones to go for now. No use destroying my shoulders.

Due to the pain I used a safety squat bar to take stress off my shoulders and wrists. I will immediately say this is probably the hardest leg exercise I've ever done. A squat with a SSB is nothing like a normal squat: much more leg involvement, less stress on the back. A mere 3 plates (335 lbs., as the bar weighs 65 lbs, not 45) for singles was the best I could do.

Safety squat bar squats to a box above parallel:

155 lbs. x 5
205 lbs. x 3
245 lbs. x 3
265 lbs. x 3
295 lbs. x 2
315 lbs. x 2
335 lbs. x 5 singles

Sumo deadlift - technique practice:

330 lbs. x 3 sets x 2 for speed and technique

Incline ab board situps with weight behind head 3 sets

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