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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mixed Push / Pull Session

3 December 2011

Hit some bench presses and deadlifts today, felt a lot better. Deadlifted heavy for the first time since my multiple back injuries, including the back tweak from Thursday, and was pleasantly surprised.

Bench press - light:

Warmup x a few sets
250 lbs. x 3 sets x 5
250 lbs. + big chains x 2 (big chains weigh 45, but add something like 30 lbs. apiece, total of 60 lbs.)
260 lbs. + big chains x 1 (nice and easy single)

Pullups 5x5

Bent-over rows 135x8, 185x6, 205x5, 235x5


Warmup x a few sets, some conventional, some sumo
335 lbs. x 2 sumo, x 1 conventional (all double overhand to train the grip)
355 lbs. x 1 sumo (double OH), x 1 conventional (mixed)
385 lbs. x 1 sumo
405 lbs. x 1 sumo
415 lbs. x 1 sumo
435 lbs. x 1 sumo (felt good, so I kept adding)
465 lbs. x fail x 2

465 lbs. would have been an all-time PR, which would've been a huge surprise. Considering the state my back is in, even 435 was a big surprise. Either my lower back is getting strong from all the squatting, or sumo pulls are worthless as an exercise.

Some arm work:

Hammer curls x 3 sets
Olympic bar skullcrushers x 3 sets
EZ bar preacher curls x 3 sets

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