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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Coming Back - Light Session

1 December 2011

First session back from my trip. Jetlagged as hell - 12 time zones in 1 day tends to be stressful on the body. So I didn't exactly push myself today. Squats felt terrible (a good 80-90 lbs. heavier than they were), bench press was okay. Not bad all things considered, although I sprained my back (yet again) racking the bar on squats and now it hurts a bit. The whole setup felt wrong - my quads were the first thing to go, which almost never happens, it's always the hamstrings and hips that get tired first. Right knee feels weird too. I guess flying 45 hrs. coach in a week doesn't do much good for the back and knees either.

Squat: warmup, 300 lbs. x 1, 315 lbs. x 5, 365 lbs. x 3 (toughest triple I've ever done, sprained my back slightly here so I decided to quit)

Bench press: hit a few warmup sets, then 255 lbs. x 2 x 3 sets and a light single with 265 lbs. All felt nice and easy.

Pullups/chinups 4 sets x 5

That was it.

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