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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bench Press Training

11 February 2012

Shitty session today, felt weak and unstable while pressing. Perhaps at 75% of normal strength level.

Bench Press:

Warmup x a bunch of sets
245 lbs. x 1
285 lbs. x 1 (should have stopped here, this felt like 315 at least)
305 lbs. x 1 (this felt like a max)
270 lbs. x 3 x 3 sets, x 2 x 2 sets (couldn't even finish the 5x3... pathetic)

Pullups 5x5 (definitely have a strain in the left lat, in addition to the inflamed tricep tendon)

Smith machine bent-over rows 3 sets

One-arm machine preacher curls x 2 sets

I didn't feel like doing more so I called it a day. I'll need to back off a bit next week, my entire left side is riddled with nagging little sprains (adductor - lat - elbow). Keep it down to 3 heavy sessions at most. Also ditch the rack lockouts for the next three weeks, then work them back in.

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