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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Squat Training

9 April 2012

Good session, the heavy single went well but my wrists hurt too much to hit all the rep goals afterwards. Bench pressing and squatting on consecutive days = wrist pain. Wraps didn't help.

Back squat:

Warmup x several sets
365 lbs. x 1
410 lbs. x 1 (belt + wraps)
455 lbs. x 1 (B+W)
480 lbs. x 1 (B+W) - this matches my all-time PR. Felt like I had some left in the tank.
405 lbs. x 3
425 lbs. x 3 (wrists hurt too much at this point so I stopped)

Inner left thigh still hurts, I've tried massaging and I rested it for two weeks while I was travelling but it hasn't gotten better. I'll try to suck it up and hit 500, then I'll take it easy on the squat and focus on the deadlift more for the rest of 2012.

Leg press - 6 sets of 8 at various weights (used a different leg press machine than usual and just went by feel)

Single-leg curls x 2 sets

Glute-ham raise x 1 set x 8

Ab work x a ton

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