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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Press - Volume Day

24 July 2013

Bench press 275 lbs. x 3s x 5, first rep 2-second-paused, 225 x 3 with long pauses

Seated cable row 4s x 6-8

Seated behind-the-neck military press 135 x 7, 145 x 2s x 5

Pullups on rings x7, x5, x5 - elbows are complaining again, and these I can do pain free. I'll have to drop the barbell tricep extensions as they are causing a major flareup of tendonitis.

Rope pushdowns 3s x 10

Hammer curls 3s x 10

Preacher curls with extended negative 3s x 6

Dip machine pushdowns 3s x 10

Pec deck 2s x 10-12

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