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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Heavy Press - Again

3 August 2013

Was away for a week for work. Too much eating and not enough exercise, although the hotel I was staying at did have a small gym with a Smith machine. Did some upright squats with my feet way out in front and some bench presses with a pause. My knees were not happy. But overall I had a great time, probably the best work trip ever.

Bodyweight upon return - 211.4 lbs., pretty much no weight gained or lost.

Bench press 300 lbs. x 3 sets x 6 - first set was great, but the other two weren't bad either

Seated pulley row 4 sets x 6-8

Seated BTN press 135 x 5, then someone stole my bench so standing 155x5, 165x5

Pulldowns 2s x 10, 1s x 8, 1s x 6, progressively heavier each set

DB skullcrushers (parallel grip) 3s x 10

EZ bar curls against wall 3s x 8

Tricep pushdowns 3s x 10-12

DB curls, seated 2s x 10

Weighted incline board situps 3s x 10


Dave said...

Feeling better then, I guess?

Fatman said...

Yeah, thanks. The first few days of last week were a bit rough. Not a good problem to have while traveling.

Jed said...

211? With a name like 'Fatman' I expected closer to 300. How tall are you?

Fatman said...

5'11" and change, but not quite 6'.

The "Fatman" is a inside joke I have with my brother, it became a moniker I adopted over time. I'm not of the blocky neckless type, so I don't gain weight well (gains in fat do not translate into gains in weight lifted)and try to stay at 205-215.