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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bench Press Intensity Day

21 September 2013

Bench press 285x2, 315x3, 340x2

Felt good and fast, elbow is not healed yet but it's not messing up my bench press anymore.

Bench press with Sling Shot 355x3, 365x3 - strong

Seated BTN press 135x5, 185 x 3s x 5

Neutral-grip pullups 5x5

Direct tricep work is still painful and out of the question. Did a light set of 10 on the tricep pushdown machine and it hurt. But reverse-grip pushdowns are still OK.

EZ bar curl against wall 1s x 8, 3s x 5

Reverse grip pushdown 3s x 10-12

Preacher curl machine 3s x 12

Bodyweight today - 209.7 lbs. Not bad, 205-215 is my best range.

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