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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Soooo... after long deliberation, I finally manned up and took the plunge:

Anavar only cycle dosage, no side effects

I now guce 2 times a day, like Uncle Dolan said. Already seeing benefits.

Bench press 285 lbs. x 5, 290 lbs. 2s x 5

Smith machine bent-over row 3s x 10, 2s x 8

Paused shrugs 3s x 10-12

Standing BTN press 135x10, 155x8, x7

Weighted incline bench situps 3s x 10

Pulldowns 2s x 10, 1s x 8, 1s x 5

Tricep press machine 3s x 10-12

EZ bar curl 3s x 10-12

Pushdowns 3s x 12

Concentration curl 3s x AMAP


Ruin Christmas said...

at least you got a rise out of your sole reader/commenter.

so, like, you make mushy fruit paste with that thing?

Fatman said...

I'll admit I was waiting on your reaction, huehue. #nofriends

It's actually pretty good, this thing totally pulverizes the vegetables/fruits and makes a decent, non-lumpy smoothie-like drink. You gotta add water tho.

Ruin Christmas said...

i was thinking that you really did start juicing til i moused over the link. Hypocritical entered my mind, but also that your blog was gonna get a lot more interesting.

Ruin Christmas said...

hey how is cleaning it? that's usually the annoying thing about any blender type product

Fatman said...

You can literally clean it in under a minute. Take the cup/blade thing apart, rinse each with hot water for about 10 seconds, done.

Bowdozer said...

Would read Fatman's anavar gateway to 1 gram of test a week some insane amount of tren and whatever else you kids are doing these days blog. also captcha wtf