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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Speed Squats - 80%

24 July 2014

Decided to up the weights for the speed squatting day to 80%. I'll keep them the same until I hit 500 for a triple, then use 420/520 as the new projected max and work down to 60% of that for the speed day.

Speed squat 320 lbs x 5, 405 lbs. 2s x 5

The sets with 405 were easy enough, but it took me a few reps to figure out how to explode from the hole and fight the ingrained slow squatmourning movement pattern. It was kinda like being a newbie driver in a manual transmission car: I'd hit the bottom, grind for a moment in first gear, revving the engine and trying to find second, then finally shift and lurch upward unsteadily. Once I learn how to make the transition smoother, I think this will do good things for my squat.

Hack squat 4s x 8

Weighted situps on incline board 3s x 6-8

That was all for today.

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