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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Volume Monster

22 July 2014

Had to wait a while to do bench presses. I thought Monday was supposed to be International Bench Press Day. Maybe Monday now has a bad rap among the functional / starting strength crowd, so everyone benches on Tuesdays instead. The tryhard revolution eating its children, something something.

Pullups 5x5 while I waited (actually 3 sets pullups, 1 set chinups, 1 set neutral grip)

Bench press 275 lbs. 5/4/3/5/4/3 - fatigue accumulates quickly on these ladder things. That last triple felt like 325.

Seated cable row 4s x 6, increasing weight each set

Machine preacher curls 3s x AMAP - waiting for rack or stands to open up for presses.

Standing BTN press 155 lbs. 5/4/3/5/4/3 - not bad.

EZ bar curls 4s x 6-8

Machine incline presses 4s x 6-8, just as a finisher.

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