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Friday, May 8, 2015

Heavy Squat Day - Long Road to Recovery (i.e. 5 Plates)

8 May 2015

Squat 135x5, 225x3, 275x3, 315x3, 335x3 all paused, 355x3, 385x1, 405x3, 415x3

Made these with power to spare, but form was not great. Still sort of uneven "in the hole". Used belt from 385 up.

Rack pull 380 lbs. x 10 singles in under 10 minutes

These were very hard today.

Leg press 50 total reps - made it to 35 with 5 plates

Glute ham raise 8 reps

I've been reading some stuff by Alex Viada and I can't believe I haven't discovered this guy before. Got his Hybrid Athlete book and might post a review soon. So far everything I've read, especially nutrition, is the work of pure genius.


Unknown said...

Egads, man! I'm running out of adjectives. Stupendous work. 😁
Never heard of Viada, will check it out.

Anonymous said...

I read some of Alex Viada's stuff a while back. Me and him have pretty much the same ideology regarding nutrition. He doesn't believe in super high protein intake, (says 1.5g per kilo is generally fine) and generally believes in fairly low fat intake and high carb intake. Am I correct in this?

Fatman said...

I haven't read the whole thing, but yes, that seems to be the basics of his nutrition approach. Although maybe it's not so much "high carbs low fat", it's more like "figure out your calories, then figure out protein and fat grams, then fill the rest of the calories with carbs".

Yes on the 1.5-2g of protein per kilo. He quotes the fact that burn victims in hospitals (i.e. individuals with the greatest protein consumption needs on the planet) are put on diets of 2-3 grams per kilo. So unless you're recovering from severe burns and missing half your skin, 1.5-2g per kilo is more than enough.

Also he obliterates the "cardio kills gainz and makes you fat and gives you cancer" broscience claim, and gives a honest and thorough dissection of various supplements and their effect (or rather lack thereof).