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Friday, May 8, 2015

Shoulders and Triceps

7 May 2015

Close-grip bench press 245 lbs. 3s x 8

I'm really enjoying the CG presses, but wrist wraps are a must for this exercise due to the severely compromised position my wrists are in at the bottom. With my history of tendinitis, I might come to regret doing these.

Standing overhead press 135x2, 165x1, 185x1, 215 x 5 singles

Almost 'forgot' to press the bar all the way up on the first single with 215, then stayed focused and nailed the next 4. Was going to try a sixth single with 220, but some guy wanted to use the rack, and since I have mad guilt/shame about pressing in the power rack I let him have it.

Pulldowns 30 reps total, heavy

One-arm preacher curls (machine) 50 reps total

DB front raise 50 reps total

DB tricep extension 50 reps total

Low rope cable row 3s x 20 - terrific back exercise, not sure why I don't do these every workout


Unknown said...

Dang, 215#, huh? Nice.

Fatman said...

Still a ways to go, but thanks!

Unknown said...

Well, you have reached another one of the "thresholds": BW OHP. Excellent!