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Friday, May 22, 2015

Weird Pressing Workout

21 May 2015

Standing front press 135x2, 155x1, 185x1, 205x1, 215x1, 225x2sxfail, 215x2sx1, 220x1, 225x1

Back-off 135 x 4, x 3

I didn't exactly expect to hit 5 singles with 225 one day after a heavy bench press workout, but the two consecutive fails were pretty disappointing. I didn't even come close on either of them, and on the first one I even failed a follow-up attempt at push-pressing 225. So I dropped the weight back down to 215, did two easy presses to find my groove, tried 220 which felt light, then tried 225, which felt even lighter. Take-home point: make smaller jumps when warming up to the working singles weight, 5 pounds instead of 10.

I also did 3 sets of 8 on the ab machine so as to not feel lazy. Accessory work to be done tomorrow, although if I feel recovered enough I'll just hit the heavy squats instead. 6 consecutive training days - I feel like Coach.


Unknown said...

The same thing happened to me yesterday on OHP. Too big of jumps. But I ran out of time and just moved on to b/o sets. Olde tyme strong man.

MichiganMethod said...

I'm always paranoid that if I do too many warm-ups that I'll tire myself out before my bigger lifts. Or I get worried the weight just before my working sets will feel too heavy and I'll psyche myself out. It's a fine line that I almost always question in my head especially before going for a PR. Tire myself out, or not get a good warm-up in. Its good that you were able to recover from the missed set and work your way back up.

Fatman said...

This has happened to me before on presses, so I knew I'd be able to work back to at least 220 after those two misses. Back when I was still power cleaning all my presses, I would often miss 3-4 cleans and then make the fifth.

I also kinda get a mental boost from rocketing up a weight and then "only adding 5 more pounds" to it. The press is concentric-only and I'm only doing singles, so it's not very tiring. If I tried small jumps on the bench press or squat, on the other hand, I'd be fried by the time I finished warming up.

Unknown said...

Agreed, I take 20+ jumps on squat/DL/BP, but OHP is 5-10#, 15 if I'm feeling good.