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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Minus Ten Percent

12 September 2015

Had some people over last night and didn't go to bed until 5AM or so. Sleep was shitty and I didn't get enough of it. So today's workout really sucked.

Bench press 135x8, 185x3, 235x5, 280x3, 305 (3+) x 6 reps

Barely made the sixth rep. Last week I was disappointed to hit 315x6. Guess I should lower my expectations.

Joker sets 325x3, 330x3, 330x3 - these felt heavy and slow

Seated cable rows 30 total reps

Standing front press 135x3, 165x2, 185x1, 200x2, 205x1, 210x1, 215xfail

Having failed at the bench press, I thought I would at least have some juice left for the overhead press. I was wrong.

EZ bar wall curl 30 total reps

Pushdowns 3s x 15

Cable fly 3s x 10

Rear delt raises 3s x 15

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