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Friday, September 11, 2015


10 September 2015

Squat 135x8, 225x5, 275x3, 315x3, 335x5, 375x3, 420 (1+) x 5 reps

Joker sets 440x2, 450x2

Not bad. Hit the rack with one side of the bar on the 440 set and almost tipped over and died (safety pins were not in place). It's fine.

Mid-shin block pulls 405 lbs. x 5 singles

Cheated a bit - really did three singles and a double. But I waited 5 seconds between reps for the stretch reflex to dissipate because Coach said so once.

Leg press 50 total reps

The very sight of the leg press makes me shudder nowadays.

Glute-ham raise 20 total reps

Leg raises 3s x 10-12

Some extensions


MichiganMethod said...

I can just imagine the conversation with the doctor in the ER.
- "You had HOW many pounds on your back when you fell over?!?"

Fatman said...

Pretty sure anything over 100 pounds is considered "a lot".