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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Quadratus Lumborum

28 March 2016

Bench press 320 lbs. x 3, 305 lbs. 2s x 3

Paused bench press 290 lbs. x 2, 280 lbs. x 2, 275 lbs. x 2

Halfway through my warmup set with 135, my right lower back cramped up badly. It was fine while I was pressing, more of a discomfort than a pain, but got progressively worse as the workout went on. I did some research when I came home and figured out it's a trigger point in my quadratus lumborum (Google that because there's no easy way to explain it). So bad news, I can barely bend over from the pain, but good news, I have located the trigger point and am currently working on releasing it. My squat and deadlift days might have to be moved to next week. I was still able to bench press without problem.

But yes, hurrah for new and exotic trigger point locations. A few months ago there was one in my traps (I think) that was holding me back on the bench press, also in a muscle group with a complicated name. That one I dealt with successfully, so I'm staying positive about this one too.

Pulldowns 5x5

Smith machine incline bench press 5x5

Preacher curl machine 4s x AMAP


Anonymous said...

good thing you isolated your trigger point. :)

Fatman said...

Yeah, it's pretty miraculous how those things work. The morning after the workout I had to roll myself out of bed, two days later and I'm doing heavy pulls.