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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


28 August 2016

Bench press 320 lbs. x 3, x 4, 300 lbs. x 4, x 2

Failed the first set with 320, then tried again and got it, but it was way harder than it had any right to be. My bench press has been stalling lately while my deadlift is going well. In my experience, this is pretty normal: if I can keep two lifts moving while one is stalling, great. Even progressing one lift would be OK right now.

Speaking of stalling, I'll be on the road for two weeks out of every month until the end of this year. So I'm not expecting to progress my lifts significantly (or at all). When I'm able to train, I'll switch to something fun and unstructured, like the old-school 5-4-3-2-1 program, just so I don't backslide completely.

Pulldowns 4s x 8

Close-grip bench press 2s x 6-8

EZ bar curl 4s x 8

Incline bench DB curl 4s x AMAP

DB tricep extension 2s x 10-15

29 August 2016

Pull 445 lbs. x 4, 415 lbs. 2s x 4

Stiff-legged pull 305 lbs. 2s x 5

Bent-over row 3s x 5

Seated leg curl 2s x 10

31 August 2016

SlingShot bench press 340 lbs. x 8, 315 lbs. x 8, x 5

Seated cable rows 4s x 8

Close-grip bench press 2s x 6-8

EZ bar curl 3s x 8


Cowboyguy said...


Fatman said...

Auditor. Also got some vacation coming.

Cowboyguy said...

What's it like being an auditor? Are you auditing individuals or corporations? Is it mostly accounting work? Do you have any sexy auditing stories?

Fatman said...

Being an auditor is boring but comfortable and fairly straightforward. Mostly accounting. People generally hate anything related to numbers and/or finance so they kind of just let you do your thing.

I work as an internal auditor for a contractor with projects overseas. Not that many sexy auditing stories, but sometimes there's fraud and forensic investigation stuff. And dysentery / random gastrointestinal hazards. I have quite the collection of poop stories. My retirement plan is to publish a collection of lightly fictionalized scatological fetish erotica which will go on to become a bestseller. Working title "Brown Eye of Darkness" in homage to Joseph Conrad. Sell the movie rights too and have the guy from the Thor movie play me. All mopers will get a signed copy free of charge. The signature will not be in ink.

Cowboyguy said...

Haha well hopefully your hedging your book retirement plan by partaking in your employers 401k

Ruin Christmas said...

give us a taste of some of your poop stories on your blog. hmm that's a poor choice of words